Porirua Montessori Primary School

256 Porirua Road, Porirua, Wellington New Zealand 6000. Call – (021) 088 78 424

Porirua Montessori Primary School

Providing Montessori Education for Tomorrow's World

Our Montessori Approach is to Connect, Empower and Grow our Students

Low Teacher to Student Ratio

We believe that children do best when they get the attention they need to thrive. Our Montessori classroom size is kept small so that we can work with the learning style of each of our children.

Individual Learning Plan

All children enrolled in our montessori program have an individual learning plan tailored to where they are and the Montessori curriculum. Having a transparent classroom ethos means we are all in this together - he wake eke noa! We work together to help your child grow socially, emotionally and academically.

Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

Maria Montessori spoke a lot about the absorbent mind of the young child. When children enter the primary classroom our Montessori learning centre is set up in a way to encourage creativity and problem solving skills with peers.

What We Do - Who We Help

Making Montessori Education Accessible to All Children

The best Montessori schools tailor learning to the children in their care. Our primary school learning environment is based on where we live as residents of Porirua and Aotearoa. We are particularly passionate about making the Montessori style of education accessible for a range of cultures and neurotypes. Our programme is underpined by the Montessori ethos of cosmic education. Cosmic education is about helping children see the connections between things in the world starting from looking at the Universe to stories about language and maths and how they relate to us as humans in the 21st century.

Montessori and how everything is connected
Montessori Near Me Porirua

Why Choose Us

Tailored Learning Solutions to Suit our Students

We are passionate about bringing Montessori to everyone. We are unique as a private Montessori school in Wellington New Zealand as we offer a sliding fee scale.

This means families pay what they can and then as a collective we work to fund the rest through fundraising.

Maria Montessori’s first schools were for low income and disabled children and this is where our heart for inclusive multi cultural montessori is too.

The best montessori schools tailor learning to the children in their care through using the Montessori curriculum as a guide.

Our primary school learning environment caters for students in the Kapiti, Paraparaumu, Plimmerton, Porirua, Tawa and surrounding areas of  Aotearoa.

Our Principal is Montessori and mainstream accredited and has had many years of experience teaching in both. This gives a unique perspective into the education we provide in the wider Wellington region.

Limited Places in School Available

Cultivating a zest for learning in your child is priceless. Having a low teacher to child ratio will allow them to flourish and ultimately achieve their full potential.

Our Approach

When looking for a school , it is common to ask ‘what is the best Montessori school near me.’ That of course depends on what you are looking for! We are upfront about our ethos which is to


Children to their diverse community and world through an integrated Montessori curriculum. 


Tamariki to be change-makers capable of contributing positively to their community.


Children’s knowledge and confidence through personalised learning in a Montessori learning community. 

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What Our Parents Say

“My daughter has private tuition with Lisa. In the last 4 months, Lisa has taken her from not knowing how to read and write to writing short sentences and reading her age books fluently. 

Lisa makes it fun for a child to learn. She adapts her teaching style to suit the child. This way the child learns faster.

My daughter looks forward to going to class. When I was in school I never looked forward to school! 

Lisa would be an absolute success in running a school. She is an organized and very efficient person. You can see the thought she puts into her processes.”

Jaco, Porirua Wellington New Zealand

My daughter has been attending Porirua Montessori home learning for the pass 2 school terms and in this time my daughter has much more confidence in herself with her reading and writing through her improvements with Lisa.

We resided in Porirua  we are of Maori  decent; our tribes are Te-whanau-a-apanui and Ngati Porou.


Sandra, Tawa Wellington NZ

Give Your child a love for learning.