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The Chemistry and Physics Curriculum

Chemistry and Physics The Montessori Way

Maria Montessori believed that even complex ideas can be introduced to young children in developmentally appropriate ways.
Using hands on materials we integrate chemistry ideas from a young age. This doesn’t mean that we are in a laboratory all day doing complex equations but it does mean that we discuss ideas such as more force making something go faster or discussing that the air we breathe is made up of different elements. 

Our Approach to Chemistry and Physics

Using hands on experiments, resources and activities we teach chemistry and science. Many opportunities are given for children to explore ideas themselves. Integrating ideas about what scientists do to reach a conclusion or come up with new knowledge is part of our curriculum. 

Throughout their time at our school, tamariki will have opportunities to explore the following topics. This is not a list of the order of lessons or a list of everything a child will learn.  Not all lessons will interest all students, some students may end up exploring one area for longer than other students due to their interest in a particular topic


  • Matter
  • Forces
  • Gases
  • Changes (for example when baking there are chemical changes which produce new things)
  • Solutions and mixtures
  • Heat
  • Acid or base
  • Periodic Table (including discussing the common elements and where they are found) 
  • Proton, neutron, electron, molecules
Montessoi Chemistry and Periodic Table


Montessori and Physics Wellington New Zealand
  • Electricity
  • Magnets
  • Gravity
  • Buoyancy (floating and sinking)
  • Balance
  • Flight
  • Simple machines
  • Movement
  • Light
  • Sound