Porirua Montessori Primary School

39 Cleat St, Whitby, Porirua Call – 021 08427 037

Enrolment and Fees

Porirua Primary School Enrolment Process

We want to make sure that Porirua Montessori is the right fit for your family. Montessori has been used with children around the world with a variety of learning needs, neurotypes, religions, disabilities, economic backgrounds, family types, and cultures. 

Our enrolment process:
1) Read through our whānau handbook to see that we are a good fit.
2) Fill in the expression of interest form 
3) Complete a classroom observation and tour without your child/ren present.
4) Undertake a FREE 1 hour Montessori 6-12 online introduction course.
5) Fill in an enrolment form along with a non-refundable application fee of $30. When a place becomes available the family will be contacted to arrange a starting date


We believe that Montessori education should be available to all.
Families are asked to pledge how much they will pay each term, using the ’tier’ system below.  This means you choose how much you can afford. A suggested tier is given.


FEE for 1 child

(Discount for two or more children is available)

Tier A  (suggested tier, if a whānau has an  income of $180 000 per year)


$2800 per term

Tier B (suggested tier, if a whānau has an  income of $110 -180 000 per year)


$1100 per term

Tier C (suggested tier, if a whānau has an  income of $80 -110 000 per year)


$550 per term

Tier D (suggested tier, if a whānau has an income of under $80 000 per year)


$275 per term

Tier E parent/caregiver has a community service card 



Fees are due before the start of each term. Payment plans are possible. 
A 10% discount is offered for the second and third child from the same household.
As a private school we receive limited government funds (less than $1000 per child per year) and do not get funding for the buildings or to pay staff wages. 

To meet our costs and to provide a high level of education families will be asked to help fundraise.