Porirua Montessori Primary School

39 Cleat St, Whitby, Porirua Call – 021 08427 037

Our Curriculum

We offer a broad curriculum based on the Montessori Method. Montessori is an educational system that has been around for over 100 years and is based on a child’s individual and developmental needs. We are also cognizant and accommodating of current educational theories, particularly DMIC (Maths) and learning through open-ended play.

Our curriculum can be seen on the individual pages. Curriculum areas are often integrated with each other to ensure learning is taught in context and in meaningful ways. Every child is has an individual learning plan and the children’s programme will differ depending on their needs.

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Montessori for the primary aged child has a unique set of curriculum goals that are designed to be an extension of the child’s life and give them skills for the real world. Montessori curriculum has developed over the years since the first centre opened in Rome in 1907. During these years Montessori schools have provided an environment of freedom within reasonable limits for children around the world. The curriculum adapts to the children in its care and the time that they live.