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The PE and Health Education

PE and Health the Montessori Way

Maria Montessori saw the inherent value in holistic well-being.  Our Health and PE curriculum is based on Te Whare Tapa wha, a Te Ao Māori model from Mason Durie that aligns well with Montessori philosophy.

Physical and Health education includes complete wellness and opportunities for movement and physical activity as well as personal, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Students have opportunities to develop and improve fine and gross motor skills and coordination as well as learning how to relate to peers, adults, and the community and feel secure in ones identity.

Our Approach to PE and Health

Montessori PE and Health

Taha Wairua

Students will have opportunities to explore relationships with the environment, between people, and with their heritage to help them understand their personal identity. Students will have opportunity to learn about different cultures and religions so as to understand the common humanity all people have.

Taha Hinengaro

Students will develop communication and social skills through explicitly taught lessons. We will discuss both neurodivergent and neurotypical ways of communication.

Tamariki will have plentiful opportunities to learn and appropriately express thoughts and feelings. In students aged 9-12, we will also cover respect and personal boundaries, empathy, violence prevention, bullying, healthy/unhealthy relationships, stereotyping and discrimination, conflict resolution mental health, friendships, puberty, body shape, responsibilities of parenting, refusal behavior for peer pressure, resources for sexual harassment, and reaching out for help. 

Taha Whanau

Families contribute to a person’s well-being and most importantly a person’s identity. Students will learn about different family types we are affirming of all genders, family types and religions. Students will develop communication and team work skills to help them in their school and family life and learn about how they have a unique place and role to fulfill in their school and wider family community. 

Taha Tinana

Students will have regular opportunities to make food. Through these opportunties we will discuss food types, sources, and the make up of food.

Students will develop a range of movement skills and apply them in a range of activities and games. These activities allow students to understand concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics for respectful and responsible games with others.