Porirua Montessori Primary School

39 Cleat St, Whitby, Porirua Call – 021 08427 037

Neurodivergence and Disability Learning

Montessori has been used with children of all neurotypes and with a variety of abilities in fact the first Montessori classrooms were designed as Maria Montessori worked with disabled children.

We adapt our learning programme to match your child this means we use a range of traditional Montessori equipment with toys and equipment that meets the needs of the child this means you will see building blocks, water play and open ended toys in our learning space.

When enrolling please give us as much information as possible so that we can understand the needs of your child and develop a learning space that helps them flourish.

We encourage you to come for a visit and see if you think Montessori could work for your family.

Children with ORS funding are welcome. As a private school we do not have access to some services that public schools have for example, RTLB service or a special needs grant. We fundraise for extra funding from community sources.